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What if we came with our questions without fear?

We Are A Progressive, Non-Dogmatic, Religious Community of Free Thinkers and Social Justice Advocates


We are a church that believes in your personal journey and authentic questions.

You did not come here with a blank stare waiting to be told what to believe. You have come from somewhere. Tell us what have you found on the road.  You have stories to tell and we are here to listen. Guided by our ancestors throughout history and our hopes, dreams and desires, we enjoin you to build a loving community with us as we discover ourselves in our differences and sameness.  As a community that doesn't exist for ourselves, we constantly open our doors for surprises and wonders, with the hope to be of service to the larger human community.

The Founding of a Religion Based on Filipino Heritage and Culture

The Filipino culture has always been liberal, welcoming and nurturing. According to new research, the Philippines is one of the possible homelands of the Polynesian peoples that occupied islands as far as New Zealand and Australia on the South, Latin America on the East, and as far West as Madagascar. Gifted with a culture well adapted to tolerance and goodwill, the Philippine Unitarians naturally formed a community that welcomed many beliefs including indegenous animistic and faith healing practices that had arisen in the Philippines as a way to liberate people from oppressions, historical, political, and economic. Every religion is lived according to the culture one adapts.

Rev. Toribio Quimada was in the 1950s one of the ministers of the Iglesia Universal de Cristo, but due to his insistence on making the bible accessible to all, he was ex-communicated.  It was then that he organized the Universalist Church of the Philippines with the 6 congregations who joined him.  They soon decided to affiliate with the most liberal faith in the West, the Unitarian Universalist Assocation in the USA. And in 1988, it officially became part of the UUA and called itself the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines, keeping a relationship that is not dependent on the UUA but cooperates with it to enrich the culture of tolerance and faith in humanity all over the world.

Learn about the Filipino History of Welcoming Refugeees 

500,000 Vietnamese, thousands of Russians, Jews escaping the Holocaust,  and Rohingya Muslims, among many others.

Woman with Bible


Our faith comes from different cultures, traditions,

inspirations, and discoveries.



God is love. Love is God.

And the rest is commentary.

Church Aisles


The tradition of questioning dogma, discovering the underlying humanity in god stories, developing an understanding of the complexity of morals, and learning to hold contradictions between subjective truths and empirical scientific evidence shaped our history.



Philippine Unitarians seek to understand the blessings and challenges of the human race and seek out alliances everywhere.

The UU Church is a justice-seeking church; we seek awareness of our oppressions and work for our freedoms.

in meeting you,
in learning from you,
my heart became heavier but fuller
my hurt became heavier but stronger

Michelle Ortuoste-Rollena


Words for Worship


Love is the spirit of this church,
and service is its law.
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in peace,
To seek the truth in love,
And to help one another.

James Vila Blake

We don't "spread the Word", we make the space for many truths to live in peace and understanding.

There are about 2,500 members of the UU Church of the Philippines.  That is half of 1 percent of the total population.

Most Filipinos profess to be Roman Catholics, although there are about 10% who are from the protestant sects, 10% who are Muslims, and another 5% practicing Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age disciplines.  

Although there is practically no regulations against putting up your own religion except the usual proof of organization, structure, and declaration, an archaic law from the Spanish colonization was used to put a man in prison in 2012 for disrupting a Catholic event displaying a placard silently.  The offense:  "Offending religious feelings."

The UU Church of the Philippines supports the human rights and sexual rights of LGBTIQA folks and ordained its  first out lesbian minister, Rev. Tet Gallardo, from Manila in 2013.  She has led scores of same-sex commitment rituals including 2 mass weddings.

Because the UUCP practices freedom of beliefs, it has ordained ministers those who practice faith healing, animism, paganism, and wiccan practices.  The UUCP ordains women and is led by many women in various roles in the church.  Rev. Rebecca Quimada Sienes is the longest running president of the UUCP who has survived the male challengers over 2 decades.

The UUCP is also tolerant of all political persuasions and is sensitive against using the pulpit and positions of power and influence in partisan activities.


Find Your Place with Us


Reflecting the Filipino's Open Culture 

Worship services are a vital part of congregational life, but is not limited to it. Our worship services reflect the many cultures that have come and been welcomed on our shores voluntarily and freely sharing with us their cultural richness, rituals, symbols, and ceremonies in which we have been asked to participate, enjoy, and share.  The Philippines has a long history of multicultural intermingling with many international travelers.  Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Copts, and others cultures are long part of our heritage along with 100 indigenous nations who engage in free cultural exchanges.



Discovering your values

We learn together how to practice conversational techniques to discover what matters to us about ourselves and others.  Self-awareness is key in realizing what makes us evaluate the world on our terms.  Learning to liberate ourselves from assumptions by testing them.  Discovering our core questions and fearlessly barig our concerns so that others may listen and be of service.  Learning how life is a series of learning, unlearning and relearning, makes us open to growth and change.


A Wide Range of Initiatives

Thich Nhat Hanh said, "Happiness is the way."

St. Paul said, "Do not let anyone despise you because of your youth."  A range of fun activities helps build confidence, a sense of responsibility, and the desire to have accountable relationships.  These help young people develop into constructive and effective leaders.



Bringing Spirit into Human Striving

Religious leadership includes ministers, lay leaders, religious educators and conversation facilitators that work within a framework of faith traditions and spiritual cultures.  Are you called to start a church of many faiths? Are you called to facilitate community organizing?  Contact us and we can help you build a church with a strong network of support, grounded in practical wisdom and eager assistance.


Health, Sexual Rights, Business

The Philippines ranks 7th in the world for gender equality, according to the World Economic Forum 2016.  Women are highly valued and are given huge responsibilities that they are more likely to be entrepreneurs than men.  Yet, because of class, most women entrepreneurs face challenges in financing their dream businesses. We are here to help.

The church is facing Mt Canlaon!!!



Courage to be yourself

Sexuality and spirituality are not opposites.  We encourage people of all genders to live full lives present in their full humanity confident, trusting, respected, and happy in finding connectedness, not isolation.  We offer a community of loving hearts and open minds.


Faith in Action

Beyond partisan positions and politics, social transformation is the final aim of prophetic work.  This entails relentless research, information dissemination, confronting oppressions, dismantling systems that cause suffering, and accountable conversations. If you are called to work for change, join us.

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Would you like to join one of our ministries? Give us a call today to join the many worshippers who are already calling Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines home.

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The District Assembly governs the four districts, which meets periodically.  Each District Assembly elects the District Minister for their district to represent them in the Board of Trustees.


Northern District areas from La Libertad to Manapla, Negros Occ: Pilapil, Aquino, Samaka, Nataban, Ulay and bagong Silang.  The District Minister is Rev. Hector Condez. 



Congregations are from Ilog, Neg. Occ to Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental: Cansauro, Calapayan, Culipapa, Banaybanay, Kalombuyan, Punong, Kabulakan, Upper Nato, Nagbinlod, Caican congregations. The district minister is Rev. Ludem Esquida.


Eastern District is from Jimalaud to Siaton in Neg.Or and outside Negros Island: Mabinay, San Isidro, Siapo, Dumaguete, Loas, Bicutan. Their District Minister is Rev. Pere Carl Q. Sienes.

Eastern District.jpg


Western District from Victorias City to Kabankalan City in Negros Occ: Doldol, Malingin, Santol and Inapugan. Their District Minister is Rev. Severo Faburada.

Southern District.jpg